Asset Management

Itech Corporation recently signed a business collaboration agreement with 4Sight Holdings, a vertically integrated IT/OT services company specialising in the design and implementation of information and data management services from the sensor to the boardroom, including services such as process control and automation, advanced control systems, real-time database integration, manufacturing execution systems, manufacturing performance metrics, simulation and wisdom reporting. This collaboration will strengthen Itech Corporation’s already significant skills in asset control, management and energy efficiency.

Infrastructure diagnostics – Any installation of systems and networks is enhanced by the provision of diagnostics to determine when a device has failed providing for immediate diagnosis and rectification of faults or suitable alternatives if required.

Asset audits – conducted in conjunction with other providers (Government Health sites) including the formulation and categorisation of assets, properties of each assets and condition assessment of each asset.

Asset management and tracking – Itech Corporation has implemented asset tracking and management systems across various industry applications, including the implementation of a city wide asset management and control system for the City of Sydney using the principles of IoT and wide area data management.

Asset maintenance – Itech Corporation has ongoing support contracts with key clients providing support and consulting services from device level up to complete integrated systems, including Sydney Trains, Hawkesbury City Council, Whitsundays Regional Council and many others.

Asset performance optimisation (including predictive monitoring capability through the use of sensors and analytics). The sequence in asset optimisation is as follows:

Asset → Asset Performance → Analysis → Optimisation

Energy management plans – Itech Corporation is a highly skilled and experienced electrical engineering company and has provided energy management and design planning services for its major clients across both industry and government.

Life Cycle Analysis – undertaken for manufacturing implementations, Rail systems (Sydney Trains) and Sydney Water. With the implementation of asset performance optimisation, assets are run at maximum efficiency increasing life span, and saving costs in maintenance.