Leveraging technology to deliver productivity solutions

Itech Corporation is a technology specialist in the industrial and infrastructure sector. We are a vertically integrated Electrical, Systems Engineering and Electrical organisation supported by a corporate management group providing, marketing, business development, administration and information technology services. Itech Corporation provides a suite of services which include electrical engineering design, project management, software, control system manufacture, electrical installation, sensor technology, Cloud infrastructure and asset management services

Itech has supplied systems in the following industries:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Sewerage
  • Transport (Rail)
  • Manufacturing
  • Solar
  • Health
  • Facilities Management

Our objective is to identify customers who can become business partners and then leverage our integrated capabilities and abilities to develop long term partnerships at advantageous commercial terms to both the client and Itech Corporation.

Our Clients


We offer a wide range of automation services to help our clients streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Our team of experienced engineers specialises in the design, implementation, and maintenance of automated systems across various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. We offer a wide range of services such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) programming, industrial robotics integration, motion control, and machine vision systems. We also provide SCADA systems, which allows for remote monitoring and control of industrial processes. Our goal is to help our clients increase their production capacity and quality while minimising downtime and labor costs.

Electrical Design

Electrical engineering is the core competency of Itech Corporation. Our electrical design team are skilled and qualified to do electrical design for Low Voltage (LV) systems, we have ASP3 certification for HV power distribution systems, our electrical engineering team is proficient at lighting design and the application of the standards for lighting protection design. Itech’s electrical engineering design team uses industry standard software tools within Itech’s digital engineering framework and facilitated and controlled on Itech’s cloud based information management system.

Itech’s electrical design team have particular skills in electrical design for water systems and for rail systems.

Digital Engineering

Digital engineering services encompass a wide range of activities related to the design, development, and deployment of digital systems and technologies. Our team of experts has extensive experience in delivering solutions that leverage the latest technologies such as Internet of Things lol, Cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence, among others. Our services are designed to help businesses optimise their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of their competitors. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of different industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, and Retail. We invite you to contact us to real more about now we can assist your organisation in achieving its goals through the implementation of cutting-edge digital technologies and methodologies.

Safety Engineering

Itech Corporation is a Safety Engineering designer. With 3 TUV certified safety engineers on staff and many years of successful project implementation across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, logistics, water and wastewater, rail systems and process control.

Itech provides the complete cycle through assessment of risk through to design and execution of safety systems.

Visualisation and Human Machine Interface Engineering

Itech Corporation has designed and built visualisation systems across many industries from simple machine HMI through to large scale plant wide and area wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems. Itech specialises in systems for the Rail industry and for the Water and Wastewater industries, additionally the company has designed and implemented sophisticated SCADA and Information management systems in several large manufacturing operations including metrics and performance management as well as asset management.


Networking is a critical aspect of modern engineering, it refers to the design, implementation, and maintenance of communication networks that enable the sharing of data and resources between different devices and systems. Networking is essential in today’s world where technology is constantly advancing and connecting devices and systems from different industries, allowing them to communicate and share data seamlessly. Engineers use networking to design and implement local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and wireless networks that connect devices, computers, and servers. Networking is also essential in the Internet of Things (IoT) where devices are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. Our engineering service offers comprehensive networking solutions that can help you design, implement and maintain your communication networks, ensuring that they are reliable, secure and efficient. We can help you to take advantage of the latest technology to optimise your network infrastructure and support your business goals.